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  • Hoge Rijndijk 277, 2382 Mulder Shipyard

the History of this shipyard originated in 1938, when its founder, Dirk Mulder began to build steel boats with a wooden superstructure called Favorite. Since the water came down more than 400 copies, which are now fully in aluminum. br>
Mulder Shipyard — a very traditional and conservative Dutch company, still fully owned by the family Mulder. In 2011, the shipyard has invested €7 million in the construction of new slipways, which allowed us to build vessels up to 45 metres and to increase the number of boats to work up to 20 units, including rarity. br>
in Addition to the existing semi-custom lines Favorite, Flybridge, Convertible and Wheelhouse the company implements unique projects in cooperation with leading Dutch designers, including Frank Laupman, Guido de Groot and Yaron of Hinton. br>
Mulder Shipyard does not seek to increase production volumes, constituting 3-4 corps per year, but it has significant flexibility in terms of castrametati and services. The main task of the shipyard is building a quality yacht at a reasonable, not exorbitant cost, although the customer the Dutch from Zoeterwoude you can implement any requirements.

Discontinued production models

Length 13.50 m2 Cabins2013 - 2016
Length 14.60 m2 Cabins2010 - 2016
Length 16.50 m3 Cabins2010 - 2014
Length 18.05 m3 Cabins2010 - 2016
Length 18.05 m3 Cabins2011 - 2016
Length 18.05 m3 Cabins2010 - 2014
Length 19.40 m3 Cabins2010 - 2016
Length 20.70 m3 Cabins2006 - 2016
Length 20.70 m2 Cabins2014 - 2016
Length 21.30 m3 Cabins2010 - 2016
Length 22.00 m3 Cabins2014 - 2016
Length 22.30 m4 Cabins2010 - 2016
Length 22.30 m3 Cabins2012 - 2016
Length 23.40 m4 Cabins2007 - 2014
Length 24.90 m4 Cabins2006 - 2014
Length 28.00 m4 Cabins2011 - 2016
Length 30.00 m4 Cabins2014 - 2016

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