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the Company Nor-TechHi-Performance Boats entered the market in 1989 with its first model of Nor-Tech 5000 V, which hit a number of speed records and have become legendary. The founders of the company — Nils Johnson (Nils Johnson) and Show Trond (Trond Schou) run the shipyard and at the present time. The first focused on yacht design, the second deals with marketing and sales.

Since its inception Nor-Tech was aimed at the production of exclusive and high-speed boats, according to the creators, at that time there was no mass production, no custom manufacturers.

In 1999, the shipyard has released 5000 Supercat, which gave Nor-Tech the opportunity to learn to a completely new market. In 2008 he published the first Super 80 Performance Yacht. In 2009, the company introduced a line of speed boats with Central console, which began to sell well, as tenders for superyachts. Over the years, the company has created around 30 models. Today Nor-Tech has probably one of the most extensive collections of non-standard models in this segment of the industry.


Headquarters company is located near the city of Fort Myers, Florida. The dealer network includes representatives in USA, Sweden, France and Puerto Rico. The portfolio of orders Nor-Tech in 2018 amounted to more than $17 million.


In the lineup Nor-Tech several lines. Series Center Consoles includes >velocity model length 34-56 ft >built-in or outboard motors.

a Collection of Vee Bottoms, which are different in design and construction of high-speed yachts from 32 to 52 — ft cruisers MC 320, 420 and 427 Monte Carlo, >runabout in >retro style 360 MCFlyer, >offshore sports roadsters 477 SPX and 527.

Range of Performance Yachts offers the customers a sport yacht 80 Roadster with >an open cockpit and 80 Sport Coupe yacht with closed wheelhouse. In the line Catamarans model speed >catamaran 40-50 feet 4000 5200 Roadster and Roadster.


Boats Nor-Tech is an innovative design, comfort on a cruise yacht, practicality and speed of 60 knots and above. All models of this shipyard have a reliable hulls made of fiberglass (in some cases with Kevlar reinforcement) type deep V. Buyers choose Nor-Tech and for a cruise holiday, and for sport — specific models Nor-Tech successfully competed in offshore races. Nor-Tech also offers many opportunities for customization.

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