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company History

NorthSilver Company started in 2001 as a Russian dealer of the brand of Finnish aluminum boats Silver. The initial goal of the company was import and some booborowie boats on the spot. However, with a strong industrial base in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, dealer decided to organize a full production boats in Russia. Buying a license to manufacture, NorthSilver started the process, and in 2003 released the first model of the Hawk 520DC. Over the next few years, the team NorthSilver mastered and produced about 20 different models. In 2009, launched a line of NorthSilverPRO boats with a length of 5-15 m From February 2016, the company produces all boats only under the brand NorthSilver and NorthSilverPRO.


In the lineup of several lines and a total of over 40 different models. In the collection of aluminum >expedition boats NorthSilver PRO 5 about 14.5 meters, customers are offered various modifications of the high speed small vessels: >the open and >closed cabin. Fiberglass boats NorthSilver and NorthSilver Star Cabin also combine open and closed cockpit from 5 to 7.3 m. Boats with a combined body (external part of the body violana aluminum interior tab fiberglass) have a variation in the sizes of 4.5 to 7.30 m.

Features brand

Boats NorthSilver have good performance characteristics, all-weather durability and versatility. They are suitable for fishing, hunting or cruising in areas with unstable weather. Décor look austere, have high completeness of equipment even in the database. Shallow draft allows you to use boats almost everywhere.


currently, the company employs about 200 people. Production capacities allow to produce up to NorthSilver 2000 boats per year. The company also owns facilities for the sale of water technology, which at the time of construction was one of the largest in Europe. The total area of this complex is more than 3000 m2.

Yacht models


Length 6.32 m 6 Cabins 6 Passengers
Length 14.40 m 2 Cabins 10 Passengers

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