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What could be more common in small manufacturing rubberized clothing and shipbuilding? It turns out, both can use the same materials. The company Urania organized Adelmo Pellegrini (Pellegrini Adelmo) and Pietro Kartano (Pietro Caresano) 50-x years in Italy, revealed the relationship on their own experience.

So the company's management gradually expanded the range of activities and, in addition to clothing, by 1964, beginning to make inflatable structures. They were used for the construction of temporary crossings over rivers, canals and ponds by the Italian armed forces.

With time, engineering has gone even further, and the company has engaged in the construction of the RIBA under the brand Novurania. By the middle of the 90 Verf increasingly began to engage in the construction of tenders for superyachts.


the Italian company since the mid 80 beginning to move production of their boats in USA. Today all models are built at the factory in Florida, and are sold through an extensive network of dealers in Canada, United States, Turkey France, Greece and other countries.

Boats are developed using modern software and Assembly processes are carried out manually. This allows us to provide clients with a quality product.


the Shipyard is engaged in construction of specialized vessels and production boats for the private sector. The range of the shipyard comprises of the line that includes the >tenders >the model with the center console >cabin boat with hardtop and closed the cabin.

Novurania Boats are very popular due to the reliability and slick design that has been repeatedly confirmed by medals at international exhibitions.


the Company belongs to the many innovations that she has introduced the first in the construction of the RIBA. It was unusual for this type of vessels are white in color, and run models for individual orders. But special attention deserves the use of foam filler in the sides to increase security and buoyancy of the boat.

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