Palmer Johnson

Palmer Johnson

  • United States

This North American shipyard can rightly lay claim to being one of the main producers of superyachts in the United States. Company with a century of history began its journey with the construction of wooden boats, and at the peak bloom has created superyacht for the king Spain (>Fortuna), which remained unsurpassed for a decade, and Explorer Turmoil, three times round the globe. br>
once Palmer Johnson, who made a name in racing sailboats, built the largest aluminum motor yacht in the country, and in the twenty-first century, extensive use of innovative materials, including carbon, in a futuristic production line SuperSport. br>
the Aggressive exterior design of the yacht by Palmer Johnson to a greater extent addressed to lovers of art Nouveau, and to attract demanding customers from Old world, the shipyard works closely with the renowned Venetian designers from the Studio of >Nuvolari & Lenard. Capabilities allow Palmer Johnson to build technologically advanced vessels of various types with length from 35 to 80 meters.

Yacht models


Length 36.58 m 4 Cabins 12 Passengers
Length 41.10 m 5 Cabins 12 Passengers

Discontinued production models

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