Popilov Yachts

Popilov Yachts

  • Russia
  • 353922 Krasnodar Territory, Novorossiysk, st. Heroes of Paratroopers, building 22, pom. 2/4, LLC Popilov

POPILOV YACHTS is one of the most successful shipbuilding companies in Russia, which specializes in the production of steel displacement yachts 15-20 meters in length.

The shipyard, founded in 2013, still operates in a full cycle mode with quality control at all stages of production - from design to launch.

Company history

It all started with the fact that the Russian businessman Andrey Popilov, controlling the construction of his own yacht abroad, was so imbued with the process that he wanted to build yachts himself.


Works at the shipyard are carried out in a full cycle mode, which positively affects the production time (less than a year for each yacht) and quality control.

The materials used for yacht hulls are reliable and durable materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of both the northern seas and the equatorial climate.

Thanks to the steel hull, all superstructures, standing rigging and power structure are welded into a single yacht hull, which ensures the durability and reliability of the structure.


Today the shipyard produces 3 models of cruising steel yachts 15 and 20 meters in length.

Models Popilov 19.99 S and 19.99M are expedition-class vessels with increased seaworthiness and autonomy.

Distinctive features of the project are increased comfort, elegance of external and internal design, high ceilings, as well as the use of modern equipment, its maintainability and quality details.

Yacht Popilov 14.99 is a real apartment on the water. Due to its size, it allows you to easily pass under bridges and enjoy walks along rivers and canals.

The main deck has a helm station, spacious galley and seating area. Access to the VIP cabin and two guest cabins is also from the main deck.


Popilov yachts have an attractive price - they are 2-3 times cheaper than their European counterparts. The vessels are reliable and easy to operate, with spacious cabins just like home.

Development and decoration of the interior space, equipping with equipment and power units is possible to order.

You can get acquainted with the manufacturing process personally.

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