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the Company was founded in 1954 in the canadian city of Princeville (Quebec). the Lionel beryl and his two brothers Roger and Sarto decided to build boats. Aluminium seemed to them the most suitable material, and they founded a company under the name Aluminum Boats & Canoes. The boats that the company produced, bore the name of the Princecraft. In 1978 Aluminum Boats & Canoes became the property of Aluminum Company of Canada (ALCAN), and there was merged with another manufacturer of aluminum boats Springbok. So a company Alcan Marine Products, which at that time was the largest manufacturer of boats in Canada.

In 1985, Alcan Marine Products was bought by its Director and production Manager Marcel Dubois (Marcel J. Dubois), and Jacques This (Jacques Daneault), now a company called Altra Marine Products.

In 2001, the brand Princecraft and production facility in Princeville was sold to the Brunswick Corporation. Since then, the company called Princecraft Boats.

Model range

Today, the collection Princecraft three lines >of boats with aluminium body. In the line >boats for fishing includes several series trailer boats with outboard motor with a length of 5 to 7 m — Platinum Xperience, Sport, Xpedition; motor boats with steering DLX, DL, as well as motor boats under suspension motocare Utility and Jon (>

the Second model line — multifunctional, comfortable boats >Deck boats (Ventura series) >with an outboard motor with a length of 5-7 m.

Third line >boats-pontoons with a length of 5-9 m with an outboard motor series of Vogue, Quorum, Sportfisher, Vectra, Jazz, Brio Electric (with electric motor), Voyageur. Pontoon boats can be made in four types of configuration of floats: standard, speed, sport, and performance.

Brand features

Princecraft Boats feature a distinctive layout and many original solutions. The shipyard offers a high standard specification. On the company website there is a handy online Configurator, but could be enjoyed only customers from USA and Canada.


Princecraft employs about 200 specialists. The company's production base has an area of 125 thousand m2. Distribution company in the world works with an extensive dealer network. In the summer of 2018 group Brunswick announced its intention to invest in Princecraft $2 million most of the money will go to the development of a line of pontoon boats.

Yacht models


Discontinued production models

Length 4.30 m3 Passengers2006 - 2017
Length 4.30 m4 Passengers2011 - 2016
Length 4.60 m4 Passengers2011 - 2015
Length 4.90 m4 Passengers2001 - 2017
Length 4.90 m4 Passengers2008 - 2017
Length 5.00 m5 Passengers2014 - 2017
Length 5.00 m5 Passengers2014 - 2017
Length 5.00 m4 Passengers2014 - 2017
Length 5.00 m4 Passengers2014 - 2017
Length 5.00 m5 Passengers2014 - 2016
Length 5.30 m6 Passengers2010 - 2015
Length 5.80 m5 Passengers2001 - 2017
Length 5.80 m5 Passengers2009 - 2017
Length 5.80 m5 Passengers2001 - 2017
Length 5.80 m8 Passengers2014 - 2017
Length 6.10 m10 Passengers2010 - 2015
Length 6.60 m10 Passengers2014 - 2016
Length 6.70 m9 Passengers2013 - 2015
Length 7.20 m11 Passengers2014 - 2017
Length 7.80 m13 Passengers2014 - 2016
Length 7.80 m13 Passengers2014 - 2016
Length 7.80 m13 Passengers2014 - 2016

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