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company History

the Company Privateer Yachts B.V. entered the shipbuilding market in 1997. It is located in the North the Netherlands in the village Uitwellingerga, land which is rich seafaring traditions. For two decades, the shipyard has managed to win the trust of customers and enjoys great popularity not only at home but also in Germany, UK, Russia and other countries.

First time design boat of the Privateer was engaged in Arnold de Ruiter, VriPack and Dirk Nauta. In our days the company has moved away from using third party organisations for these purposes, has established its own Department of design and architecture VanEesch Naval architecture. Therefore, design and manufacturing are closely, and the resulting problems can be solved efficiently.


the Shipyard has been manufacturing polyatomic boat luxury brands Privateer and Silverline. During the construction special attention is paid to comfort, reliability and security. Boats meet the strict standards and regulations in force in the Netherlands, which requires the shipyard for some flexibility, so some of the technology and the details here are created entirely from scratch.

the design and style selection takes into account the shipbuilder, future owner plans to use it, the company tries not to forget about the practical aspects and functionality. As a result, the customer receives a quality product that meets all the customer's wishes without losing navigability characteristics.


the Shipyard produces >displacement >motor yacht with steel and >aluminum housing >cruise boat with hardtop and >trawlers. In the model range of the company includes yachts from 43 to 84 feet, which are divided into 3 series.

Line Elegance worthy of its name, it combines Dutch tradition and elegance. Open cockpit and low profile well suited for traveling in coastal waters, canals and rivers where frequent low bridges.

New series Flybridge made in the classic style of the Privateer. Model Flybridge 49 has been specially designed for the passage through French canals. Series expedition boat Trawler has a class A seaworthiness and allows owners to make transatlantic travel.


Become the owner of the boat Privateer not cheap, but well-thought-out yacht that is able to quench the thirst of travel and to realize long-held dreams is worth it.

Discontinued production models

Length 14.40 m 2 Cabins 8 Passengers 2014 - 2017
Length 14.90 m 1 Cabin 6 Passengers 2014 - 2017
Length 14.95 m 1 Cabin 6 Passengers 2014 - 2017
Length 15.60 m 2 Cabins 6 Passengers 2014 - 2017
Length 17.20 m 3 Cabins 12 Passengers 2014 - 2017
Length 21.30 m 3 Cabins 14 Passengers 2014 - 2017
Length 25.60 m 6 Cabins 16 Passengers 2014 - 2017

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