Royal Tender

Royal Tender

  • Denmark

company History

As the name suggests, the Danish shipyard Royal Tender specialized in the construction of boats of a class "Lux", designed for messages larger yacht with the beach and traveling in confined areas. Was part of the Danish consortium, Royal Denship, who declared bankruptcy in 2009.


not currently operational.


Boats Royal Tender was made on the capacity of the consortium in Denmark.


In our portfolio there are two >tender — luxury Royal Limo with a closed cabin and a more modest outdoor Royal Open. Both represent the court with a deep V-shaped lines and stationary diesel engine.


Boats of the shipyard features uncompromising luxury finish with a functional attraction to the classics. They were supplied in the configuration semi-custom, which gives a wider choice of equipment.

Yacht models


12 Yacht Passenger
Royal Tender Open
Royal Tender
8.00 m
1 offers

Discontinued production models

14 Yacht Passenger
Royal Tender Limo
Royal Tender
9.30 m| 2007/2010
3 offers