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company History

SACS Company was founded in 1989. The shipyard is located in the Italian province of Lombardy and is one of the European leaders in the production RIBов, including premium. Since 2006 the company is part of the industrial group Laserline. The growing attractiveness of this type of boats associated with their high-speed characteristics and high reliability led the company to seek unique solutions. Thus was born Sacs Bespoke Operations (SBO) is a specialized division of the company to develop exclusive RIBов. The essence of this program is that choosing any of the models Strider, the client can customize it as much as possible. SBO is collaborating with the London Studio Coppoletta Designs, which offers future owners the opportunity to realize any creative venture and, in particular, art painting case.


the Lineup

the Company produces> an inflatable boat with a rigid frame, developed by the office of Christian Grande Design Works. The length of the boats ranges from 6 to 20 m.

the Range of Sacs Sport offers the customers a small high-speed RIBы with a length of 7-9 meters. Collection Strider the most representative — it includes a collection of boats with lengths from 8 to 20 m, among them are cabin boats. Model Maxi-RIBa Sacs Rebel 47 is designed as a tender for a superyacht. The company also offers an exclusive line RIBов designed in conjunction with well-known car brands — Lancia, Abarth, Jaguar and Ferrari. The boat made the appropriate coloring and different special equipment.


Chips brand

Customers of the shipyard are primarily attracted by the possibility of individualization of RIBa from selecting the color scheme of the boat to the engines. Some models offer a choice of client built-in or outboard motors, and also various types of propulsion systems, including a partially submerged propellers Arneson.


Production and sales

the Company is located in the city of Roncello between Monza and Bergamo. Through an extensive network of dierctv shipyard is widely represented in almost all European countries.

Discontinued production models

Length 5.00 m7 Passengers2001 - 2014
Length 5.35 m8 Passengers2014 - 2014
Length 5.90 m10 Passengers2012 - 2012
Length 6.38 m14 Passengers2013 - 2013
Length 6.89 m16 Passengers2011 - 2013
Length 7.80 m20 Passengers2014 - 2017
Length 8.75 m22 Passengers2009 - 2011
Length 12.50 m12 Passengers2007 - 2012


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