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American shipyard Sailfish founded in 1986 and since then designs and manufactures boats for water recreation or fishing. The company says:

"Our boats are designed by anglers for anglers — they are optimally equipped for use in coastal and offshore conditions."

the Company was five times awarded the title of best in customer satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction Index, CSI) National marine manufacturers Association.

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Sailfish Boats Production base is located in the state of George in the city .. The company has extensive network of dealers in USA and offices in Australia, Europe, China, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, UAE, Turkey, the Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia.


Sailfish Model range includes several lines of boats (including trailer) length 20-38 feet in buildings made of fiberglass reinforced with Kevlar. The boats are equipped with powerful >outboard motors. Line Center Consoles includes the c Central control (including cabin), Dual Consoles — universal boats with nose cockpit for family holidays. Series Walk Around — cabin boats for fishing and recreation line Bay Boats boats for day sailing. The shipyard offers the initially high base set of boats, as well as extensive optional list.


Sailfish Boats are of high versatility and utility. The company stressed that many of the Sailfish models are perfect for enthusiasts of fishing, although the main function of the boat as a family vessel for coastal day cruises, does not lose relevance. Cabin version boats have roomy for its size the volume of the interior and the layout of the cockpit provides a lot of storage space needed in the swim of things and supplies. Unique design hulls with variable deadrise provides a good smooth running boat with a different excitement as well as the dryness of the cockpit. A variety of models Sailfish allows the client to choose the option most suitable to him.

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