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company History

In the middle 1980s founder and CEO Scout Boats Steve Potts (Steve Potts) worked as the head of the plant for the production of boats American Sail. Potts with 14 years was associated with the shipbuilding industry and knew that one day he will create their own boat.

Scout Boats — a true American success story. Working part-time on weekends and at night, Potts has managed to save $ 50,000 and to establish his own company in South Carolina. The first ship that he built in 1990, was a modest 14 ft fishing boat. Excellent finishes set it apart from competitors. Trowels made this model for a short time gained popularity in South Carolina and beyond.

the First boat Potts, built in garages and sheds, began to gain the reputation of its Creator. The pursuit of perfection paid off when the world recovered from the economic crisis of 2008. In that time, as the shipbuilding industry was shaken financial problems of customers, Scout Boats has released 18 new models. For several years the company's annual growth was 25%.


Scout Boats owns a large, constantly expanding shipyard in Summerville, South Carolina. Total area of production facilities is more than 19 thousand square meters.


the ideology of the Scout Boats to create fishing boats with modern design and comfort luxury.

Scout Boats offers a full line of fine yachts and boats for coastal and offshore sailing. It includes a variety of models, ranging from 17-foot boat >outboard motor 53-foot models with >the center console, in which luxury yacht is organically combined with the productive fishing machine.


From the very beginning, Scout Boats specializiruetsya boats for fishing and in this regard, the company has accumulated valuable experience.

in addition, the shipyard gradually moved away from the use of wood in construction of their models and instead relies on modern composite materials that offer great strength and durability.

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