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company History

Founded in 1973, a native of Miami, captain Don McGee (Don McGee), the shipyard was purchased by three friends in late 1994. New partners, Moises Rodriguez (Moises Rodriguez) Ralph Torres (Ralph Torres) and Ariela Peredo (Ariel Pared) liked the ideals of the company: loyalty and reliability of the boats.

Grew up together, graduated the same University, they are equally invested in the brainchild. Moises is responsible for the production, Ralf — Finance, Ariel for sales and marketing. They have expanded the range of compact, high-performance boat for sport fishing, which has everything you need for the most demanding customer.

the Shipyard SeaVee works directly with the client, with the exception of communications, dealer network, which allows not only to reduce the cost of the boat by 15-20%, but make it subject to the wishes of the buyer.

Now SeaVee — one of the most popular boats in South Florida, which is appreciated for durability, highest possible equipment and a comfortable layout with Central console.


Meticulous fit and finish, attention to detail, high quality components are an integral part of the production at the shipyard SeaVee. Headquarters shipyard located in Miami, Florida.

"One of the biggest advantages is that we spend a lot of time with our clients. This helps not only in product development but also to respond swiftly to emerging issues, about which we could not learn, working with dealer network. We control the entire process: production, equipment, boats, sale, delivery, and even subsequent maintenance of boat and engine," explains Ariel Pared.


the Shipyard is building SeaVee Boats >boat length from 29 to 39 feet. Made from fiberglass, they have a mandatory >Central console. Boats SeaVee Boats with hulls predannymi deep-V and Z-hull good for sport fishing in the open sea, and for family holidays. The company's portfolio also has a model of type >sportfisher.


the Boat SeaVee has everything we need: plenty of lockers and pools for fish, a convenient fasteners — all what you want most demanding angler. Each model is modified for a specific owner.

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