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"If you want to make something well, do it yourself". This principle gave rise to many worthwhile companies, including the Serious Yachts. In 2004, Dirk Bontinck (Derk Bonsink) decided to buy the yacht of your dreams, but never found anything suitable. Then he decided to remake himself trawler Bowman 45, but during the repair fell in love with the process of yacht building. After the light appeared the first from Serious Yachts trawler (13.8 m), followed by Gently 36 and Gently 36 Sport. The latter received the nomination from HISWA in category "Motor boat of the year".

History of Serious Yachts may seem too smooth, but it is important to explain who Dirk Bontinck. A yachtsman from an early age, the owner of the company Bonsink Yacht Painters, he is one of the top experts in the market of yacht painting in the Netherlands. His firm works with such as Amels shipyard, Vitters, Hakvoort, and, of course, leads private projects. Understanding of the market, materials and specialists are allowed the derk of Borsenko to take a quick and successful start with the Serious Yachts.


the Shipyard of the Serious Yachts is located in the Dutch village of Zwartsluis estuary Zwart, close to the popular Marina Kronenberg. All stages of construction being their own masters Serious Yachts, the shipyard is responsible for the label "Dutch quality".

Given the background of the owner, it is easy to understand what is the competitive advantage of the shipyard.

Serious Yachts — kings finish, they will find "the" color for body painting, cover the door 16 layers of lacquer and Polish all the panels to a mirror Shine.

the shipyard has developed mutually beneficial cooperation with Marina Kramerwirt. Simultaneously with the construction of a private yacht, she has been standing service in the Marina vessels, offering them all kinds of work, from minor to major repairs. So master Serious Yachts never sit idle.


Its ideology Serious Yachts drawn up in two lines of luxury >trawlers with steel and aluminum case: Gently and Brightly. In Gently lives the spirit of old-school gentlemanly charm. Line Brightly more modern in style and daring in mood. Every line is smart model accelerates up to 25-30 knots.

Each of the existing models you can build on and customize for their needs, this issue is Serious Yachts always goes towards the client. The chief designer of the shipyard acts as Arnold de Ruyter (Arnold De Ruyter).