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company History

Starcraft Marine has more than a century. In 1903, in a small American town Goshen in the state Indiana Arthur Shrek founded Star Tank Company that later was renamed to Starcraft.

At the beginning of the XX century, when all the other boats built primarily of wood, Starcraft built them out of aluminum, which was lighter, stiffer and did not require maintenance. In 1958, the company continued to innovate, releasing the first models of fiberglass.

In 1965 Starcraft introduced the world's first high-speed aluminum fishing boat with a hull Deep-V.

Also, the shipyard was a pioneer in the development of high-speed pontoon boats.

In 1969 Starcraft was purchased from Harold Shroka conglomerate Bangor Punta Corp. At this time the company grew to 700 people. In 1980, the shipyard moved to Goshen in Topeka, another small town in Indiana. At the end of the 80 Starcraft became the property of the Corporation Brunswick, which also was a Wharf Mercury Marine.

In 1996, a descendant of the company founder, Dag Shrek, bought Starcraft from Brunswick. Now the shipyard is included in group of companies Smoker Craft, located in the state of Indiana.




currently, the administrative office of the Starcraft Marine, as the production area of the company, is located in new Paris, Indiana. In the state shipyards including more than 500 employees. Production is managed by a family Shrek, which owns the shipyard in its fifth generation.


Starcraft Marine manufactures a line of >aluminum fishing boats and pontoon boats up to 26 feet, as well as classic >runabout made of fiberglass.


Starcraft offers a lifetime warranty on the hull and design of each of its boats, as well as 6 years warranty on the upholstery and interior. If the owner wants to sell the boat, bought the Starcraft warranty will be provided to the new owner at no extra charge.

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