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company History

the Dutch shipyard Steeler Yachts appeared on the market relatively recently — in 2010, but its owner Hans Webbing (Hans Webbing) had already had considerable experience in the production of yachts and over 40 years experience walking in the sea. Before the Foundation of the Steeler Webbing was the owner and Director of the company Antaris, in the depths of which was born a new brand. Antaris was sold in 2010 and all the attention went to Steeler. Since Steeler her concept was the production of robust, reliable and efficient high-speed boats (tenders), easy to maintenance and management. One of the first models I bought came on the market after the start of the shipyard, Steeler NG50 was nominated Motorboat of the Year in 2010. In 2011 the company introduced the model of open tender with a folding in the direction of the sides of the cockpit Bronson 36 islander. In 2014, the Panorama model (yacht no difference of level from bow to stern) won the award of European Powerboat. In 2015, Steeler entered the segment of planing yachts with new models made of aluminum. The first model was NG43 Offshore, due to its efficiency (3.8 l/mile at a speed of 23 knots) this boat received the award EPY in 2016. In 2017, the company patented the shape of the body "steep high flared". The range of yachts Steeler's with this body quickly gained clients at Boot Dusseldorf in 2017, where it sold just 14 of these yachts.


the Lineup

In the lineup in the yard Steeler several lines of >aluminum (planing) and steel (>semi-displacement) yacht. Line-Steeler S-line (Steeler NG S) is a cruising sailboat from 43 to 65 feet, Next Generation Steeler (Steeler NG) offers elegant yachts 43-50 feet, a family of Steeler Explorer combines offshore steel >seaworthy "SUVs", Steeler Panorama — yacht with an open cockpit, the line Bronson — custom planing >tenders in an aluminum casing.


Chips brand

Each project Steeler has considerable flexibility and can be tailored to virtually any customer needs. The interiors of the yachts are fully custom. Low fuel consumption yacht Steeler particularly attracts customers. In design there are some interesting engineering solutions, such as retractable glass awning over the cockpit or opening segments of the sides.



Production and the Steeler office is located in Stenvik. The company's production facilities allow to produce up to 20 yachts and tenders 25. About 70% of Steeler products sold abroad. The company has representatives in Germany, France and the UK. Approximately half of production comes from the steel of the boat, half in aluminum.

"the Quality of our yachts are perfectly — says the owner of the company Hans Webbing. — Steeler received the highest rating Bootttest Telegraaf in Holland, and our production process is open to customers."

Yacht models


Length 11.60 m 1 Cabin 2014 - 2021
Length 16.50 m 3 Cabins 2011 - 2021

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