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Sundeck Yachts

  • Italy
  • Пезаро, via Sandro Pertini,119, 61122

company History

the Builder Sundeck Yachts was founded in 2010s years in Italy. At the head of the company are two passionate sea adventures of the man — Casartelli Angelo (Angelo Casartelli) and Paolo Vatteroni (Paolo Vatteroni). These people were able to breathe new life into the post-crisis market of shipbuilding.

in 2014 the company has loudly declared itself at the international exhibition in Genoa, presented a model of 550 Sundeck and 700 Sundeck. The boats were well received by the audience, and from that moment all novelties, the company began to follow with lively interest.


the Shipyard is working and continues to engage in the construction of modern and luxury Explorer, are based on the principles of functionality and security.


the Company has several production sites located throughout Italy. Main factories are located in the area Fano and Spice. For the design and development of the entire range Sundeck Yachts invited to cooperate Zuccheri Yacht Design Maurizio Zuccari (Maurizio Zuccheri), which has extensive experience in the creation of the modern Explorer.


the range of the shipyard comprises polyketone boat length from 18 to 38 meters for long journeys.

In 2018 Sundeck Yachts presented the project 13-meter boats — 430 Open. The yacht stands out from the traditional line of the company. first, until recently the sole direction of the enterprise was >forwarding and boat >marine off-road vehicles, prepared for the rigors. second, instead of the usual spacious deck and flybridge 430 Open received open salon. In other words it >open cruise boat.


Boats have a Sundeck Yachts seagoing data. They can work in eco mode, overcoming the transatlantic distance and is capable of speeds up to 25 knots, when time is important, but not for a long period of autonomy.

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