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Italian shipyard Tecnomar working in and around Viareggio since 1987 and during that time he built about 300 boats with a length of 20-60 meters. Today this successful company is the largest shipbuilding group The Italian Sea Group and specializiruetsya on the production of high-speed >planing yachts made from aluminium.

In recent years, the shipyard is constantly increasing the average length of the models in its two lines of Nadara and Velvet. Its own pool of interior designers allows Tecnomar to make each boat unique, close to the customer high style. In 2011 Tecnomar acquired the not less famous brand Admiral (the Wharf >Cantieri Navali Lavagna), which significantly its position in Europe worldwide.

with the >Nakhimov Yachts in 2013, the company presented the project of a 51-foot hybrid motor yacht, and the Dutch from Vripack, based on the preferences of the customers of shipyards have created for it futuristic lineup of Envy. As its name implies, fills Tecnomar yachts modern high-tech solutions not only in the bowels of the engine compartment — that there are at least mooring sensors of the type "Parking assist" on the case!

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