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Shipbuilding company Valiant was founded in Portugal in 1995 and initially was engaged in the construction of specialized boats with inflatable sides. Over the next five years, the company had a good reputation and became very popular in the European countries.

2000, year American concern Brunswick bought 49% stake from the owners, and by 2005 became owner of the entire company. The new owners helped the enterprise to enter the overseas market and increase sales volumes.


nowadays, the shipyard Valiant continues to produce >RIBA for the private sector and models for special purposes.


For production release trademarks Valiant concern Brunswick uses its own factories. The boats provided a two year warranty that covers all parts, equipment and accessories.

RIBA delivered to dealerships without engines, thereby allowing the future owner to pick their own motor the necessary power.


the range of the shipyard comprises of RIBA with >outboard engines with 3 to 9 meters. Some boats come with a >Central management console. Valiant portfolio consists of four series — Sport, Classic, Special and Raptor.

Line Sport designed for water sports. This is a simple, reliable and functional boat with many extra options and accessories. The Classic series is focused on a family vacation. The Special lineup includes the RIBA with a limited release, they are difficult to find from regular dealers. The model Raptor is designed for rescue services, coast guard etc.


the Valiant Company pays special attention to the comfort and safety of boat owners, as well as durability of products. She uses high quality materials such as German PVC fabric — Mehler Haku and Heytex or CR / CSM (Hypalon ™) production ORCA Pennel & Flipo and accessories from Attwood, recognized for quality workmanship and reliability.

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