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  • Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, GSP-565, Zavodskoy Park St, house 37, 603950, Russian Federation, JSC "Shipbuilding plant "Volga"

company History

the Plant Volga was launched in 70s of the last century as pilot production at design Bureau, which was engaged in designing hydrofoils. The stocks of the shipyard went legendary for domestic passenger Maritime and river transport "Rocket", Meteor, "Comet" and "Colchis".

These boats were popular not only in the Soviet Union, but also outside the country. A court issued in 70-90, have survived to the present day. For example, until recently the boat "Volga" successfully walked along the river Mekong in Vietnam.


the Shipyard continues the production of vessels for private clients, industry, passenger transportation and defense sectors. The company also supplies products to foreign markets.


the Shipyard is located in Nizhny Novgorod on the banks of the Volga river. Company like nearly 50 years ago, independently engaged in the design, development and construction of boats. It also offers repair services for vessels and equipment, fabrication of structures according to drawings of customers, and more.


the Company is engaged in construction of cargo and passenger ships, as well as >boats for fishing and recreation. For the private sector to date, the shipyard offers one model — Vita with a length of 4.93 meters. This is a simple and reliable >a boat with an outboard motor, capable of speeds up to 27 knots.


In the enterprise "Volga" are specialists with years of experience. The company builds high-speed durable court on unique technology, for which demand is constant. Due to this the plant was able to survive the difficult for the Russian economy 90 years, and enter into a new era of shipbuilding.

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