Wim van der Valk

Wim van der Valk

  • Netherlands
  • Industrieweg 43-47A, 5145 Van der Valk Shipyard

the history of the emergence of the Dutch shipyard Wim van der Valk starts in 1968, when the brothers Vim and khays van der Valk decided to build his first boat for the carriage of cargo and at the same time to help his father in farming business. The area where the family lived, was cut channels, so the construction of the boat was the perfect solution. Thus was born the family owned yacht on order, and a few tens of years the name Wim van der Valk became known throughout Europe.

today the model range of Wim van der Valk is a boat length from 15 to 27 metres of steel or aluminium: Continental I, II, III series and Continental Trawler. Starting from the second series Continental shipbuilders are constantly improving the model, and the latest series of motor yachts Wim van der Valk (15 to 25 m) comes with a fly bridge.

What is nice, in the start-up project boat already includes a lot helpful in navigation equipment: generators, inverters, air-conditioning, navigation and audio visual system, CCTV with remote control and other options. Luxurious exterior Wim van der Valk are no different. But it is not a requirement, all one of the main qualities of the yacht the Dutch shipyard — range in excess of 2000 km at a speed of about 10 knots. Underfloor heating, double glazed Windows, ergonomic and comfortable interior cabins, multi-level system noise and vibration control — are also important findings for a comfortable stay. Most boats are equipped with engine Volvo Penta IPS Drive System that allows you to develop a cruise speed of 25 knots.

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