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Yacht Yard Windy was created in 1966 by Hugo Wold. The company originated on the southeast coast of Norway, within the city of Arendal. The brand received its name, which is translated from English as “windy”, in memory of the father of the owner, who gave this name to all his boats.

Hugo’s principles are based on the construction of reliable and comfortable boats designed for any weather conditions. The concept was successful, and branded boats with V-shaped contours repeatedly won the prestigious yacht competitions, for example, in the framework of the exhibition Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show and Boot Dusseldorf.

In 1922, the company became the owner of another legendary Norwegian shipyard Draco, which went bankrupt, while the production of some models did not stop.

In 2008, which was marked by an economic crisis, the shipyard was forced to transfer the production of its ships to Sweden and Poland, arguing that it was cheaper labor. In this regard, 50 employees of the company from Norway were reduced.

In 2013, after the successful launch of the Windy Dubois SR 52 Blackbird model, a new division was opened specializing in issuing tenders for superyachts.

Vessels are manually created at two plants, one of which is located in Westerwick (Sweden), and the other in Ostroda (Poland). No more than 350 boats are produced per year, while at least 80% of them are exported. Windy distributors and dealerships are located in more than 18 countries around the world. Owners of unique yachts and tenders include the Royal Family of Norway.

The shipyard lineup consists of two series - Yacht Projects (tenders of various nature) and Sport Cruisers (semi-closed or open boats). The brand produces high-speed motor and cruise yachts with a length of 7-17 m. Each of the boats gets a name corresponding to the names of winds from different parts of the world.

The company introduced WinTech innovative technology, used in the construction of buildings. This method allows you to get the highest speeds for boats of its class, and also provides maneuverability, a large power reserve and controllability.

Yacht models

Yacht Projects

Sport Cruisers

Length 7.88 m1 Cabin6 Passengers
new from $ 166 309
new from $ 252 534
Length 8.85 m1 Cabin6 Passengers
new from $ 255 910
Length 9.60 m1 Cabin5 Passengers
new from $ 246 653
new from $ 716 549
Length 11.94 m3 Cabins12 Passengers

Discontinued production models

3 Cabins6 Passengers2000 - 2001
Length 7.68 m1 Cabin5 Passengers2011 - 2014
Length 8.45 m1 Cabin6 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 9.72 m2 Cabins10 Passengers2011 - 2014
Length 10.07 m2 Cabins10 Passengers2011 - 2014
Length 10.68 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 11.40 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2010 - 2011
Length 12.69 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 13.54 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2011 - 2014
Length 13.88 m3 Cabins14 Passengers2010 - 2014
Length 14.52 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2010 - 2017
Length 15.80 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2013 - 2017
Length 16.35 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2013 - 2017
Length 17.75 m3 Cabins16 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 22.00 m3 Cabins2016 - 2018

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