Boutique.Yachts by itBoat

Boutique.Yachts by itBoat

Boutique.Yachts — Europe's leading Internet yacht broker of the new generation. We work with both new and second-hand yachts. Our customers live in the countries of the CIS, Europe and the Americas, major deals take place in the Mediterranean region, and the yacht go at all around the world. For us, as for any proper vehicle, there are no borders.


More than 10 years, we have partnered with all major manufacturers of sailing and motor yachts (approximately 200 shipyards worldwide). Speaking as an independent consultant on the client side, we help you choose the most suitable option to You personally and sign a contract without intermediaries on the most favorable terms, usually with significant discounts. Unlike authorized dealers, we have no problem "whatever it was" to sell You one thing. So we can afford to judge impartially and to help You to find what most closely matches Your requirements, and has the best ratio quality/price/residual value at resale.


we Have always in stock a number of deals for used boats from 20 to 50 meters with the European and American markets. All of our yachts meet the following requirements:
1) known and proven brand of the top ten
2) fresh built year, boat not older than 5 years
3) good condition no wear and engine working hours, if possible, not more than 500 hours
4) attractive price
We are actively working with mortgage yacht seized by banks and leasing companies, as well as a demo yacht dealers, which are sold with low mileage. Thus, you can get a practically new boat at a substantial discount. Presented on the website of the yacht does not reflect the whole available range. Contact us and we will find a boat individually for You!

Our contacts:

Russia (representative): +7 (495) 77-11-700

Ukraine (representative): +380 (98) 977 11 11

Kazakhstan (representative): +7 777 222 07 02

Azerbaijan (representative): +994 50 250 55 22