Gart Marine

Gart Marine

  • Russia Tver, Tver, Afanasy Nikitin embankment 13
  • +7 4822 50 54 17

Gart Marine Company for the past ten years is American boats Rinker in Russia. Gart Marine is located in Tver, which is beneficial from the point of view of logistics and overheads. Including this means that our customers are offered the best prices. In Gart Marine Group, in addition to the subdivision's sales and service water-motor technology (Gart Marine) also includes yacht club "Viking" in the center of Tver and Motel Savino in a picturesque place outside the city. Marine Gart previously represented in Russia a few brands of American boats left in the end only one. Why Rinker?

Rinker is the oldest American shipyard of the now existing, do not stop production since 1945. The plant is in the same place where the father and sons Rinker began production of motor boats in the mid-40s.

In the state employees building boats Rinker, a lot of experienced "veterans" of the industry. Even with the expansion of production and hiring new employees, the average work experience at the factory Rinker Boat Company is 16 years old!

Rinker uses in the production of space technologies or expensive exotic materials. Just high-quality plastic and classy components, expertly assembled by a competent projects.