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Together with Berlin, Brandenburg forms the capital of Germany. The state has a lot to offer - an industrial area located at the crossroads of major European routes, with beautiful natural landscapes ideal for recreation and leisure. Its 3000 lakes provide an extensive range of water activities.

Customers of 2yachts have yacht charter in Brandenburg - there are offers for any budget, for a period of 1 day or more. Brandenburg has a very well-developed infrastructure for yachting, there are all conditions for those who like to relax on the water.

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There are no boats matching your search. Please modify your requirements to find available boats or contact us if you have a specific charter project.

Brandenburg is an amazing place to rent a yacht. From motor or sailing yachts to catamarans and boats, you are sure to find the perfect rental option here. Whether you are planning a family vacation, romantic getaway or a trip with friends, Brandenburg is a great place to rent a boat. Search for the perfect offer now and book your dream yacht to organize an unforgettable vacation on the water.

Explore Brandenburg from the water with a yacht charter

Together with Berlin, Brandenburg forms the capital of Germany. The state has something to offer: it is an industrial area located at the intersection of the main European routes, which has beautiful natural landscapes that are ideal for recreation and leisure. Its 3,000 lakes contribute to the quality of life in Brandenburg. As a business center, Brandenburg has made significant progress over the past couple of decades. Three times it was named the most dynamic business region in the German language and is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy. Brandenburg has something to offer - not only for people of different professional levels, but also for national and international companies. Currently, more than 400 internationally recognized companies call Brandenburg their home.

Yacht charters Brdendenburg

Thanks to many years of experience, we use yacht charter in Brandenburg to organize a wonderful and unforgettable vacation among the numerous objects of the river and lake landscape of this country. To get to know Brandenburg with a rented boat is to experience a wonderful combination of nature and culture.

If you rent a houseboat in Brandenburg, you can of course take advantage of all the amenities . Our yachts are modern and comfortable, with equipment for cooling and cooking, heating, berths for a comfortable sleep and much more. Depending on the model, one of our yachts in Brandenburg can comfortably accommodate from 2 to 6 people - our motor yachts are similar to apartments for relaxing on the water. As yacht charter specialists in Brandenburg , we recommend the right model for your dream holiday. Of course, we will give you detailed instructions on the road so that you can enjoy a trip on a yacht without incident.

Rent a houseboat from Brandenburg

Our extensive selection currently includes dozens of yachts. Thanks to its many rivers, canals and lakes, Brandenburg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. Outstanding connections with many regions of the two federal states, as well as with Mecklenburg-Vorpommern open up many opportunities thanks to the charter of a yacht in Brandenburg. If you are planning a long vacation on the water, we recommend our one-way tour to Muritz.

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You do not have a license for a yacht, but you would still like to rent a boat and ride it in the region? In Brandenburg, you can order an additional Charterschein license, which is valid for the duration of the rental. You will receive this license after carrying out the instructions on board. From Brandenburg, you can sail from Unter Havel-Wasserstrasse from 56 to 156 km. In addition, you can also swim in the tributaries: Betzsee-Rivendsee-Wasserstrasse, Rathenover Havel and Hohennauener-Wasserstrasse.

The boat rental industry likes to talk about the term houseboat. This term includes not only pontoon boats or specially made charter boats, but also larger motor yachts . Chartershain has the following restrictions:

  • the length of the boat can not be more than 15 meters;
  • Max. speed no more than 12 km / h;
  • only 12 people can be on the boat, depending on the boat certificate .

Most likely, you will receive instructions while boarding the ship. One of our employees, each of whom has a boat license and has extensive knowledge and experience in this area , will give you instructions. If you have any specific questions about theory or practice, you can always ask them during the training. For instructions there is a fixed protocol, which is divided into behavior on the road (theory and practice), traffic rules and knowledge of the technical data of ships. Charterschein costs € 45.