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This North German city has a unique atmosphere. If you like spending time outdoors, Kiel is the best place for you. But Kiel has more to offer you than just the sea. Kiel is an important base for the German navy and is known for its international sailing event - Kieler Woche, which takes place once a year and includes an extensive program full of concerts and various presentations. During the festival, you can also taste regional specialties, a fish specialty known as the Kieler Sprotten.

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Lagoon 380
Kiel, Germany
  • 8 Guests
  • 2013 Production
  • 11.50 m Length
  • This charter offers free rescheduling in the event of mandatory COVID-19 related travel restrictions, preventing you from arriving in your destination country.
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Kiel is very popular among yacht renters as a port of departure. Kiel offers good maritime infrastructure, charming scenery and the hospitality of the locals. Kiel guarantees you and your yachting team a pleasant climate and good weather conditions combined with beautiful secluded bays on the coast.

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Keep in mind that even in the midst of summer, a regular check of the weather forecast is mandatory before the trip. Skippers must have sufficient experience: due to the extensive transport, transportation routes and often unstable weather conditions, this port is not very suitable for beginners. Maneuvering in often narrow and crowded harbors requires knowledge, but recently many new large marinas have been built, ideal for yacht charter .

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Seagulls fly high - a gentle breeze blows, bringing fresh sea air into the city. This North German city has a unique atmosphere. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, Kiel is the best place for you. But Kiel can offer you more than just the sea.

Kiel is Germany's northernmost city. Located right on the Baltic Sea, it serves as the last stop on one of the busiest man-made waterways in the world - the Kiel Canal. Kiel is an important naval base in Germany and is known for its international sailing event, "Kieler Woche".

Kieler Woche is held once a year and includes an extensive support program full of concerts and various presentations . During the festival, you can also try regional specialties, a fish specialty known as "Kieler Sprotten".

The capital of Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel, is located near the Danish border. Kiel is a Hanseatic city. You can say this by looking at the typical Gothic brick architecture of buildings. Directly near Kiel, you can visit the Laboe Navy Memorial and see one of the five remaining submarines of World War II, U 995.

The sea city, of course, needs a harbor. And it is located right behind the railway station, so the Baltic Sea will immediately meet you as soon as you arrive in the city. Navigating the Baltic Sea is very simple, there are no tides, the fairways are clearly marked, and swimming at night is also possible without problems thanks to an experienced crew. The distances between the ports are usually very short, which allows you to plan long or short stages at your discretion.

The road along Kieler Förde, Kiellinie, takes you to the seal pool and aquarium , which belongs to the Geomar Institute. The location of the city on the Baltic Sea also gives you the advantage that after the lectures you can ride a bicycle and go cycling to one of the many beaches located in the immediate vicinity of the city.

Kiel's sights include the Old Botanical Garden , the 106-meter Rathausturm, Germany's oldest student theater, Schechsekbau and Schrevenpark, which attracts a lot of people during the summer months.

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As one of the most popular and recommended agencies, we will help you find the most suitable yacht for your holiday on the Baltic Sea. All our yachts are owned by private owners who either service their ship or have a service contract with a specialized company. Yachts can be rented on a weekly basis, usually starting on Saturday.

All rented yachts in Germany must have the German “Bootszeugnis”, which is the official certificate for charter boats without a crew in accordance with German law. This certificate is issued every two years by a German institution after checking the safety of the ship and its equipment.

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All our boats are rented without crew. This means that as a skipper, you need the appropriate qualifications. Legally, a license to sail from your country of origin is required. In accordance with European law, if you have the right to operate a similar yacht in your country, you also have this right in any other EU country.

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