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Due to its excellent location and historical heritage, Rostock attracts tourists who want not only to get acquainted with the sights of the city, but also to take a sea trip.

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Modern Rostock is the center of shipbuilding of modern ships, on the one hand, and the center of culture and science, on the other. As the deepest and largest port in Germany (the port area of Rostock is about 750 hectares and the channel depth is 14.5 m.), With access to the Baltic Sea, Rostock is a great place not only for shipbuilding and maritime trade, but also shipping. A large channel of 3.6 nautical miles in length provides a free and comfortable access to the Baltic, while at the same time the port itself is reliably protected.

Yacht Charter in Rostock

Thanks to its excellent location and historical heritage, Rostock attracts tourists who want to not only get acquainted with the sights of the city, but also take a sea voyage by renting a yacht in Rostock . Yachts rented in Rostock are of high quality, as they were created by craftsmen with extensive experience and centuries-old traditions in shipbuilding, and the professional work of a skipper will make your vacation comfortable and unforgettable.

The sprout appeared on the site of an ancient German settlement known from the XII century. The status of the city he received in the XIII century. Due to its advantageous geographical location on the Warnow River, which carries its waters to the Baltic Sea, Rostock quickly becomes one of the largest centers of craft and trade of German lands , and in 1259, together with Lübeck, Wismar and Hamburg, founded the Hanseatic League, the purpose of which in the Middle Ages was the development of trade. The modern Hanseatic League, which resumed its activity in 1980, is aimed not only at cooperation in the field of trade, but also at the development of tourism.

Rostock, being a member of this association today, is not only a trading port, a large commercial and industrial center, but also a great place for recreation and tourism, which is facilitated by the moderate climate typical of Rostock. Warm, comfortable summer, when the air temperature reaches an average of 20 - 22 degrees in the daytime and does not fall below 10 at night. This allows you to enjoy exploring the sights of the city, relaxing on the beach, taking boat trips by renting a yacht in Rostock . Winter is mild, and therefore it is comfortable to visit Rostock even in winter: the temperature does not drop below 2 degrees Celsius in the daytime, minus temperatures (-2, -3 degrees) can be observed at night, and therefore even at this time you can enjoy walk around the city.


There really is something to see in Rostock: this is the Old Market Square with the medieval Gothic Town Hall, built in the 14th century, and University Square, where Rostock University is located, and a number of religious buildings (churches of St. Nicholas, St. Mary and St. Peter, St. Monastery Cross), and the Institute for Demographic Studies of the Max Planck Society, which is located in the building of the medieval palace. Attractions are also attracting attention unfortunately, badly damaged during the Second World War, but allowing us to imagine how the city was fortified in the Middle Ages. Among the preserved objects of defensive architecture, you can see the Gothic gate Kröpeliner Tor (Dutch Renaissance, XVI century) with a nearby part of the city wall, the Lagebuschturm tower, which also had a defensive character, the stone gate of Steintor and the arch Mönchentor (architectural style classicism).

A large number of fountains: the Joy of Life fountain, the Departure from Warnemunde fountain, the People on the Water fountain, the Wasserspiel fountain, the African Mountain Goat fountain, the gull fountain (Möwenbrunnen), and the Reading Room fountain, characterize Rostock as the center of culture and art, and their originality makes a walk around the city unforgettable.

Getting acquainted with Rostock, one cannot help visiting its parks and museums. It is worth a look at the Cultural and Historical Museum, located in the monastery building of the Holy Cross. Its exhibits will introduce the life and culture of Rostock, starting from the XVII century. and ending with the twentieth century. Art Museum of Rostock. The Museum of Shipbuilding and Navigation became a unique symbol of the city . He not only talks about Rostock as a center for navigation and shipbuilding, but in itself is a unique, largest in Germany, floating museum, because is on board one of the old ships.

Rostock also attracts tourists with its Gensen Regatta - an international festival that includes an international sailing regatta, which has been held here since 1991, forums, conferences, exhibitions, fairs (folk craft fair, philatelist fair). During this holiday, you can visit the excursion by boarding real antique ships, tasting the cuisine of sailors, renting a yacht in Rostock , taking a walk along the old canal, and then mooring around one of the many berths, drop in a cafe or pub and try local delicacies.

However, acquaintance with Rostock will not be complete if you do not get acquainted with its embankment. Here you can see both motor boats and merchant ships, and sailboats of the 19th century, which, due to their size, allowed the inhabitants of Rostock to conduct lively trade. Today they are on the joke. Taking the opportunity to rent a yacht in Rostock, you can see the city from a completely different perspective. Sailing along the promenade, you can take a closer look at Germany's busiest and largest port. The tops of shipbuilding companies, modern and old ships moored to piers, yachts and boats, as well as the amazing icebreaker Stephan Jantzen, will tell you about Rostock, its modern life, and how the city lived in the past. In addition, from the side of the yacht you can admire the old gate that led from the city to the port, the Memorial to sailors-revolutionaries. Heading along the canal to Warnemuide (a small town, once a fishing village, which the Rostock city council bought and thereby made it part of the city, although it still retains its former name), you will sail past the Pagenververder island, which is a bird sanctuary,

In addition, renting a yacht in Rostock will make you feel like a real sailor, give a pleasant vacation sailing in comfortable conditions. Yacht charter provides the opportunity not only to make sea voyages, but also to spend the night on board, which in turn, on the one hand, allows you to be mobile in terms of route selection, on the other hand, you don’t have to reserve places in hotels. Having decided on a yacht charter in Rostock, you do not need to go to Rostock, for this you can use the services Here you can study the catalog of yachts for rent, get acquainted with their characteristics, as well as the cost of rent. Using the services of our resource, you choose the most optimal option suitable for you that will meet your needs. In addition, you can be sure that your vacation will not be spoiled: the rented yacht will be waiting for you.