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Sippingen, located on the shores of Lake Constance, has fantastic views of nature. Lake Constance offers excellent sailing conditions. Beginners can learn with a light and pleasant favorable breeze, and for an experienced sailor, strong winds and large waves are suitable. A beautiful landscape accompanies your sailing with many views of the foothills of the Alps. Wind, sun and clear water are the perfect combination to enjoy swimming.

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Yacht charter is an ideal opportunity not to dream of a perfect summer vacation, but to spend it together with our company. As a catalog of suitable yacht charter deals in Sipplingen, we will introduce you to the best itineraries. The location of Sipplingen directly on the lake and at the same time in the midst of an impressive majestic steep coast formed the incomparable character of the city.

Boat rental in Sipplingen

There are many really fantastic hiking trails in Sipplingen! Breathtaking views, forest trails, castle ruins, gorges or flowering gardens allow you to experience natural diversity. The popular hiking trail now has the German Premiumweg quality seal - in Sipplingen you will walk perfectly in the literal sense of the word! The SeeGang premium track connects the cities of Uberlingen and Konstanz in the most beautiful way, and after a few stops leads to the picturesque lakes of Uberlingen. The landscape around Sipplingen is characterized by spectacular views. Countless orchards with cherry trees follow this scenic hiking trail.

The village has a long tradition of refining sweet fruits. But not only the Hochprozentiges, which are purified in Sipplingen, but the water of Lake Constance also turns into refreshing drinking water. The water supply of Lake Constance provides daily drinking water to 4 million people in Baden-Württemberg. Tip: visit the largest long-distance water supply system in Germany , you can register for this in the Tourist Information section. But be careful - Lake Constance is still quite deep!

As soon as the sun warms the lake, bathing spots in Zipplingen are filled with life. Relax on the sunbathing lawn, play with children in the playground, or jump into the water. Enjoy Lake Constance on a boat or become a captain in a sailing school. Kayaking or banana riding at Funsportarena Stand Up is the best vacation ever!


Gallery at the station

In the old station building (Seestraße 3), exhibitions of various artists with paintings, textile items and photographs change from March to October. The gallery at the station is open during the hours of Tourist Information.

Exhibition of Ancient Dwellings

In the tourist information office (Seestraße 3) there is a permanent exhibition of finds on the territory of the ancient dwellings of Sipplingen-Osthaven. Sipplingen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site .

Lake Constance Water Supply

In the "Süßenmühle" (Sipplingen district), the water supply of Lake Constance takes water from Lake Constance from a depth of about 60 m. This water is processed at the Zipplinger Berg (the highest point of the Zipplinger Steylüferlandshaft) in several stages providing drinking water to more than 5 million people in Baden-Württemberg.

Lake constance

Sailing on a Bavarian yacht from Zipplingen. Enjoy a romantic evening cruise or a fun day trip. Whether you plan to stay overnight or for a week, there are accommodation options for every taste in the area around Sipplingen.

What to visit in Sipplingen?

  • Affenberg (7.1 km / 11.4 km from the city center);
  • Allensbach Wildlife and Recreation Park (7.5 km from the city center);
  • Pfalbau Museum (7.7 km / 12.4 km from the city center);
  • Traktormuseum Bodensee (8.7 km / 14 km from the city center);
  • Reptile House Unteruhldingen (8.1 km / 13 km from the city center).

When is the best time to relax in Sipplingen?

By the seasons:

  • The hottest months: July, August, June, September (average 22 ° C);
  • The coldest months: January, February, December, March (average -3 ° C);
  • The wettest months are July, June, August, and May (an average of 96.20 inches of rain).

Surfing and sailing

Lake Constance has fantastically attractive views of nature. The lake offers sailors the best conditions for yachting . Beginners can study with a light and pleasant fair breeze, and for an experienced sailor both strong wind and big waves are suitable.

A beautiful landscape accompanies your voyage with many views of the foothills of the Alps or, possibly, the entire northern side of these majestic mountains. Wind, sun and clear water are a wonderful combination to enjoy swimming.

Sailing schools here offer:

  • Sailing courses;
  • Children's courses;
  • Motor boat management courses;
  • Surf course;
  • Boat rental for excursions.