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Tsedenik is a rather popular place in the region among lovers of water sports. Besides beautiful sailing areas with varied cruise lines, Zedenik also has a good infrastructure for yacht charter.

Our experts will be happy to help you arrange a yacht charter in Zedenik so that your vacation is memorable and enjoyable, without the hassle of finding the right yacht.

Siemer — 44 (2009)
Zehdenick, Germany
  • 2009 Production
  • 13.65 m Length
  • This charter offers free rescheduling in the event of mandatory COVID-19 related travel restrictions, preventing you from arriving in your destination country.
Qualified personnel only
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Not only water sports around Berlin and Potsdam, but also the waters of northern Brandenburg offer yacht rental opportunities. Zehdenick has an almost unlimited network of waterways in a beautiful setting. The side arms of Havel and the picturesque bays of the river make yacht holidays in this region, especially for nature lovers and leisure lovers, almost incomparable. Yacht charter in Zehdenick with its modern steel motor boats gives you the opportunity to travel to both Berlin and the Muritz region due to its convenient location. In a small town under the influence of Havel, there is a well-developed marina, in which all the services necessary for renting ships are available.

Holidays in Zehdenick

Start at Marina Zedenik's base and explore the Upper Havel and its tributaries, surrounded by an incomparable landscape. The cost of parking on the basis of Marina Zehdenick is 25, - € per week. Kannenburg Castle or a trip along the reed-covered canal above the Mariental Castle, which connects Havel and Wentowsee, are just two of the highlights that await you.

Zehdenick is a meeting place for a large number of guests rented yachts that flock to its shores annually. In addition to the beautiful sailing areas with a variety of cruise routes , Zehdenick also has a good yacht charter infrastructure.

Since Zehdenick is a popular destination, our site offers a wide range of different models of beautiful yachts. To access these vessels, simply go to the menu and click on the appropriate fields to enter the criteria necessary for the search. The more details you enter, the more accurate your search results will be.

Where to stay in Zehdenick?

Holiday rental deals include hundreds of holiday deals near Zehdenick. We have gathered the best and the Renda yacht , so you can spend a memorable holiday with family and friends.

If you are traveling with family or friends, the areas with the largest selection of vacation rentals or weekends in Zedenike for 2019 are:

  • Mildenberg: about 2 dozen rental options;
  • Pankov: more than 200 rental options;
  • Reinickendorf: more than 500 rental options;
  • Fukenhagen: more than a dozen rental options;
  • Steinförde: over a dozen vacation rental options.

The most popular attractions for visiting on vacation or on a weekend are:

  • Zehdenick-Neuhof Station;
  • Town Hall Zehdenick Townhall;
  • Church Stadtkirche;
  • Zehdenicker Wasserturm Tower;
  • Basdorf Station.

Have we sparked your interest in travel? The above is an overview of our yachts, which you can rent exclusively at the Zehdenick base. More information about the vessels can be obtained by clicking on the picture.

Let's arrange rental of your VIP or corporate yacht together

For a private or professional event, you want to rent a yacht in Zedenika for a day or a week. Then choose your yacht in accordance with your requirements and criteria: model, budget, size, cruise area ... A wide range of possible activities for renting a yacht are offered : scuba diving, catching large fish, water skiing, wakeboards, kayaks, snorkeling, etc. etc. ... Our specialist consultants are at your complete disposal to assist you in choosing a yacht charter in order to achieve your goals and fulfill your vacation requirements.

Large selection of yachts in Zehdenick available in our catalog

Our catalog provides hundreds of yachts from 10 to 150 meters long, you can organize your cruise in such a way as to take from 10 to 35 people on board.

On board, our crews will meet you in a warm atmosphere . Embark on a safe trip for fishing or cruising, and discover the joys of a small town in Brandenburg.

We hope you enjoy our help planning your holidays and we will be happy to answer all your questions!