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Guadeloupe has become the starting and finishing point for some of the transatlantic races. Almost all of the island's bays have restaurants serving Creole cuisine.

Here you can organize an interesting sea trip to the islands of Petit-Terre, La Sainte, Marie-Galante, La Desirade and make a trip to the neighboring overseas department of France - Martinique. You can use the services of yacht charter in Guadeloupe not only for organizing sightseeing excursions - you can also successfully go fishing, diving or celebrate any celebration cheerfully, be it a wedding or a birthday.

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Guadeloupe, located on islands in the Caribbean, is an ideal place to rent yachts - there are snow-white beaches, untouched nature, breathtaking landscapes, impressive diving spots and excellent swimming conditions.

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In administrative terms, Guadeloupe belongs to France, playing the role of its official overseas department (its inhabitants are French citizens). The climate on the islands is tropical, and the temperature does not fall below +25 degrees. On a map of Guadeloupe, it looks like two butterfly wings separated by a shipping channel. Low draft boats can be navigated along the canal, and it is very convenient to connect the two bays in which secluded marinas are located. In the western wing, called Bas-Ter, the main part of the territory is occupied by the reserve, and in the more densely populated eastern “wing” - Gran-Ter, is the largest tourist and financial center of Pointe-a-Pitre (here is an excellent marina). Here you can go surfing, snorkeling or tasting drinks at one of the many bars dotted with long stretches of sand. Nearby is the island of Marie-Galant, well adapted for snorkeling, and at the island of Pidgin there is an underwater reserve Jacques Cousteau, abundant in coral thickets and marine life.

Using the services of yacht rental in Guadeloupe , you can go on an unforgettable trip to the Caribbean Sea, the memories of which will remain in your memory for a long time. Note that the service for renting a yacht in Guadeloupe allows everyone to take advantage of all the opportunities that Guadeloupe provides.

Unforgettable vacation

Guadeloupe has become the place of start and finish for some transatlantic races. Almost all the bays of the island have restaurants serving Creole cuisine.

Here you can organize an interesting sea voyage to the islands of Petit Ter, La Sainte, Marie Galant, La Desirade and make a trip to the neighboring overseas department of France - Martinique. You can use yacht rental services not only for organizing sightseeing tours - you can also successfully engage in fishing, diving or have fun celebrating any celebration - be it a wedding or a birthday.

Guadeloupe is a great place for scuba diving, and if you have not dived before, but want to try, you need to use the services of a paid instructor. Please note that fishing arrangements will require permission from the local authorities. Be sure to consider the sailing route before going to sea on a yacht - for this purpose, you can read the numerous reviews of tourists on the Internet or take advantage of the advice of a specialist of our company.

Guadeloupe Archipelago seems to be an excellent location for a family and romantic getaway. You should definitely visit the magnificent Kreifish waterfall and refresh yourself in the waters of its pool . Carbé Falls over 100 meters in height south of Bas Ter Island can be even more impressive. Bas-Ter Island is composed of volcanic rocks, and the landscape of Grand Ter Island is composed of hills. The architectural landmarks of Bas-Ter on the island of the same name are the Palace of Justice, the Palace of Consonnel-General, Fort Delgry, as well as the Prefecture's building.

According to the results of excavations, people appeared on the islands of the archipelago as early as the 3rd century BC, Arawak tribes moved here from the South American continent. Centuries later, the Caribbean squeezed out the natives, and Christopher Columbus himself became the discoverer of Guadeloupe , ships under whose direction they moored to the islands in the late 15th century. The Spaniards noted that the locals do not disdain cannibalism, by the way - they called the locals "kaniba", from this word the name of the phenomenon subsequently came to be called: "cannibalism". The French who took possession of the islands completely destroyed the cannibals, then sowed the land with reeds and brought in slave power from Africa. Until 1946, territorial disputes were held over these islands, then this territory became the overseas department of France.

In modern Guadeloupe, like centuries ago, sugar cane is grown and engaged in agriculture, and the attitude of local people towards tourists is quite cordial.

Since the islands belong to France, most tourists are French. Tourists come here to take a break from the annoying noise of civilization, relax on the beaches and make fascinating dives into the underwater world. Many people like the National Park in the western part , which is under the protection of UNESCO. The eastern part is replete with resorts with a developed hotel chain.

A well-organized infrastructure with parking lots, gas stations, etc., is offered to sailing enthusiasts in Guadeloupe. Beginners can try one of the routes along the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea, more sophisticated sailing enthusiasts can ride along the coastal routes.

Guadeloupe attracts tourists not only with magnificent beaches with clean water, but also with the opportunity to live a savage in the jungle, enjoying the nature of the uninhabited places of the islands.

The conditions for renting a yacht in Guadeloupe require some experience from yachtsmen, and this is one of the areas worthy of your attention. Choose from the offers available on the website and rent a yacht in Guadeloupe on favorable terms, taking into account all your wishes. 2yachts specialists will help you choose the best route and type of yacht for celebrating a memorable event or organizing a vacation in the sailing season. We wish you a pleasant stay on the islands of the Guadeloupe archipelago!

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