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The Stockholm archipelago stretches 80 km into the Baltic Sea and has 30 thousand islands. The island of Vaxön / Vaks-ön, where Vaxholm is located, is one of the most beautiful and popular in the archipelago. You can get here by ferry from Stockholm, by bus or by yacht.

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Vaxholm is the unspoken capital of the Stockholm archipelago and is very attractive for tourists. A set of local attractions can fall in love with this small, cozy city in eastern Sweden.

Yacht Charter in Vaxholm

The Stockholm archipelago extends 80 km into the Baltic Sea and has 30 thousand islands. The island of Vaxön / Vax-yon, on which Vaxholm is located, is one of the most beautiful and popular on the archipelago. It can be reached by ferry from Stockholm or taken by bus.

You can rent a yacht in Vaxholm by selecting the right offers using the tools on our website. When choosing, we advise you to pay attention not so much to the cost as to other parameters, for example, the size and year of manufacture of the yacht, on which the quality and safety of your water holiday will depend. If you are renting a yacht in Vaxholm and managing it for a beginner, we do not recommend taking a large yacht, because the larger the vessel, the more difficult it is to manage! Also consider renting a yacht with a skipper - entrusting the business to a professional, you can guaranteed to relax on the waves, getting an unforgettable travel experience.

History of Vaxholm Fortress

In his last Vaxholm was a prison fortress, dating from the 16th century, it protected the city from invasions from the sea. As early as 1510, the Swedes built a stone-wooden cannon blockhouse here. Under King Gustav Vasa (1540s), the fortress of Vaxholm was a citadel consisting of a 3-tier stone tower surrounded by earthen crests. “Swedish Kronstadt” - this is the name of the Vaxholm fortress, today turned into a museum .

The fortress of Vaxholm was rebuilt many times, due to the improvement of defensive technologies. Now Vaxholm fortress is included in the list of cultural heritage sites and its observation tower offers a wonderful view of the city's harbor and neighboring islands. The fortress is located between Waxen and the island of Rinde, in the strait between them and it is the oldest fortress on the east coast of Sweden. Today, the name Vaxholm means several fortifications at once : Vaxholm Castle, the Fredriksborg Fortress and the Rinde Redoubt, the Siarau and Oscar-Fredriksborg forts. First, Vaxholm Castle and the Fredricksborg Fortress were built, then the Rindu redoubt and the Oscar-Fredricksborg fort, and at the beginning of the First World War, the fort of Siarё was already rebuilt.

You can come to Vaxholm to look at the diversity and beauty of the houses of local residents - sometimes a separate house occupies an entire island. Of course, there are modern houses in the city, but most are made in the typical Swedish ascetic style - wooden, with yellow or red facades. To visit the interesting places of the city, you will need several hours, for a start it is worth going along Strandgatan Street - along the promenade. After some time, you will find yourself in a quarter with old wooden houses - here you will find a wealth of colors, and a variety of shapes. After passing this quarter, you will go to the beach.

Another attraction of Vaxholm is the city hall building with the square. You can also visit the church of Gustav Adolf, built on the site of an old wooden church in 1803. We also recommend visiting the Vaxholm Museum of Local Lore. Nearby there is a noticeable street with restaurants and shops, you can walk along it and turn onto Hamngatan. Then go down to the water and take a walk along the promenade.

Narrow streets with galleries, attractive shops, cozy cafes and restaurants give a special atmosphere of northern calm . Here you can buy everything that your heart desires - from dishes to souvenirs.

Among the Swedes, Vaxholm is popular as a spa resort, in the summer they go here to bask on the rocks, and in winter they celebrate Christmas.

The city has the Gröna Lund Amusement Park with the world's highest carousel, and a new neighborhood on a pile foundation is being built in the Nakka area. At the entrance to the harbor is a sculpture "God lighting the stars" by Milles.

You can go on a cruise by renting a yacht in Vaxholm and watch kayaks, boats and other yachts sail by. Keep in mind that the harbor is usually occupied by numerous vessels, and it is better to look at the place for your yacht in advance.

This northern town is well visible from the water, and on your yacht trip you can take many wonderful shots of the Vaxholm views . The city fortress is surrounded by memorable landscapes, and if you want to escape from the bustle of the city and stay closer to nature, renting a yacht in Vaxholm will allow you to enjoy unique landscapes and natural cleanliness!