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The city of Baden has been awarded the Wellness Destination quality seal by the Swiss Tourism Federation in recognition of its long tradition as a spa town and a wide range of high quality wellness offerings.

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The small city of Baden in Switzerland today is a typical industrial-urban settlement in the suburbs of Zurich. The city has modern urban centers, as well as a calm thermal spa and cultural center - a city of contrasts.

The thermal springs in Switzerland with the highest concentration of minerals come out at a temperature of 47 ° C from 18 sulfur springs in Baden. The city was known as a living medical resort since the days of the Roman Empire , when Baden was known as "Aquae Helveticae". The bathing block with targeted buildings, designed to help those affected by rheumatism and circulatory diseases, was an early urban building on the banks of the Limmat River. Famous people such as Goethe, Nietzsche and Dürrenmatt have been looking for Baden's thermal springs to relax in. At present, bathing is carried out in public thermal baths, and in private baths, wellness packages are most often provided. Today, the resort quarter with its many hotels is an oasis of calm .

A lively little town located just 20 minutes from Zurich and the airport, Baden offers a varied and rich cultural offer. International festivals and the Grand Casino are among its highlights. The old city without cars, with its historical defenses and municipal buildings, several theaters and famous museums, is another cultural attraction. The Langmatt Foundation is one of Switzerland ’s finest art collections — industrial families Brown and Bowery bequeathed valuable paintings and furniture from the Impressionist era. Young people will feel at home at the Swiss Children's Museum: it displays exhibits collected as part of a 300-year association with the world of children.

The Golden Tower, designed by the architects of Basel Diener & Diener for ABB and Alstom, stands close to the spa park with its ancient trees and the Grand Casino. Today, on the neighboring former site of ABB, there is an experimental center with a multiplex cinema, cafes and conference rooms.

In winter and summer, Baden offers to visit international cultural festivals , watch a diverse theater scene, visit relaxing health centers and the Grand Casino, as well as see the lush city landscape filled with natural attractions.

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Today, the city of Baden has been awarded the Wellness Destination by the Swiss Tourism Federation in recognition of its long tradition of a spa town and a wide range of high-quality wellness facilities .

Currently, millions of liters of water with the highest concentration of minerals in Switzerland are regularly released from 18 sulfur springs at 47 ° C. Immerse yourself in the world of good health, just a short train ride from Zurich Central Station.

Baden's thermal baths offer many wellness options, some of which are free, which allows people of all incomes to experience and use Switzerland’s richest mineral mineral waters . You can bring body, soul and mind into harmony in historic thermal baths: you can still enjoy traditional baths at Atrium-Hotel Blume. Visitors can relax in the Novum Spa and in the individual spa suites at the Limmathof Baden Hotel & Spa or relax in the public thermal chair while admiring the views of Limmat.

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