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Yacht charter in the UK is an opportunity to relax in this Western European state with its centuries-old seafaring traditions, watching picturesque landscapes, getting to know English culture, architecture and tasting national cuisine on the beach.

$ 348
per day
08:49 11.06.2020
Jongert 2700 M
United Kingdom
  • 2001
  • Length 29.00 m
  • Beam 6.77 m
  • Draft 4.30 m
$ 38 364
per week
18:48 10.06.2020
humber — Destroyer 6.0 (2010)
Weymouth, United Kingdom
  • 2010
  • Length 6.00 m
$ 430
per day
00:46 27.05.2020
  • 1998
  • Length 12.00 m
$ 1 098
per day
18:54 09.05.2020
dk yachts Response 870 RIB
Weymouth, United Kingdom
  • 2008
  • Length 8.70 m
  • Beam 3.15 m
  • Draft 0.45 m
$ 572
per day
08:31 06.05.2020
  • 2017
  • Length 13.41 m
  • Beam 4.37 m
  • Draft 2.05 m
$ 3 517
per week
00:58 31.03.2020
Bavaria 30
United Kingdom
  • 2018
  • Length 9.04 m
  • Beam 2.95 m
  • Draft 1.42 m
$ 1 747
per week
18:55 30.03.2020
Hanse 400
United Kingdom
  • 2018
  • Length 12.10 m
  • Beam 4.04 m
  • Draft 2.05 m
$ 2 912
per week
18:25 30.03.2020
  • 2018
  • Length 11.34 m
  • Beam 3.76 m
  • Draft 1.50 m
$ 2 912
per week
17:54 30.03.2020
  • 2018
  • Length 12.59 m
  • Beam 4.13 m
  • Draft 2.13 m
$ 2 980
per week
16:17 30.03.2020
Grand Soleil 50
Gosport, United Kingdom
  • 2005
  • Length 15.15 m
  • Beam 4.58 m
  • Draft 2.90 m
$ 269
per day
01:21 06.02.2020
DNS — 7.8 (2011)
Southampton, United Kingdom
  • 2011
  • Length 7.80 m
$ 528
per day
11:39 18.01.2020
Bavaria 35 Cruiser
Southampton, United Kingdom
  • 2006
  • Length 10.76 m
  • Beam 3.60 m
  • Draft 1.93 m
$ 938
per day
11:38 18.01.2020
Osprey ribs vipermax 6.8
Southampton, United Kingdom
  • 2012
  • Length 6.80 m
  • Beam 2.80 m
$ 442
per day
11:38 18.01.2020
nimbus — 6.4 (2018)
Southampton, United Kingdom
  • 2018
  • Length 6.40 m
$ 401
per day
11:37 18.01.2020
Beneteau Oceanis 37
United Kingdom
  • 2013
  • Length 11.48 m
  • Beam 3.92 m
  • Draft 1.90 m
$ 1 732
per week
20:45 10.01.2020
Beneteau Oceanis 423
United Kingdom
  • 2003
  • Length 13.09 m
  • Beam 3.90 m
  • Draft 2.10 m
$ 3 334
per week
05:12 03.11.2019
Beneteau Oceanis 473
United Kingdom
  • 2002
  • Length 14.30 m
  • Beam 4.33 m
  • Draft 7.00 m
$ 4 071
per week
05:08 03.11.2019
Dufour 40
United Kingdom
  • 2007
  • Length 12.06 m
  • Beam 3.89 m
  • Draft 2.10 m
$ 3 157
per week
04:59 03.11.2019
  • 2006
  • Length 11.40 m
  • Beam 3.89 m
  • Draft 1.95 m
$ 2 695
per week
04:35 03.11.2019

Yachting in the UK is not entertainment, not sport, but a real way of life, because there are a large number of yacht clubs, and tens of thousands of various types of vessels of various sizes sail in inland waters. The main yacht charter bases in the UK are located on the south and southwest coast, where favorable weather conditions are formed.


Great Britain is an island state in the Atlantic Ocean, washed by the waters of the North and Irish Seas. Most of the state, called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is occupied by England, which borders Scotland in the north and Wales in the west. Sights of Great Britain are diverse - from medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals to prestigious boutiques and “flea markets”. Here you will find peaceful rural landscapes, vibrant cities with famous churches, and a rich cultural heritage, and a story rooted in the depths of millennia and much more. It is known that the Celtic tribes of Britons were the first to settle on the British Isles, in the 9th century the Kingdom of England was formed by the Anglo-Saxon tribes who moved here, and Great Britain was formed only in the 18th century. At one time, the British Empire with its colonies occupied up to a quarter of all land. By the middle of the 20th century, all lands controlled by Britain had gained independence, although some remained formally under the rule of the English crown.

The capital of the state is London, located on the banks of the Thames, and the most beautiful buildings in the city have historically been built along the banks of the river. One of the most popular types of recreation in London is a boat trip from Westminster to Greenwich. London is rich in its picturesque views, known throughout the world. Among the city sights, one cannot but mention Westminster Abbey, which has been rebuilt over the course of 250 years.with a chapel, museum and other attractions, founded in 1753 by the British Museum, Buckingham Palace (the Queen’s current residence in London), Hyde Park, Madame Tussauds, Sherlock Holmes Museum, National Gallery, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square. About 27 million tourists visit the British capital annually (for comparison: 7 million tourists visit St. Petersburg, Berlin - about 25 million tourists annually), and there really is a look - there are about 300 museums alone.

In Manchester, which stands on the Irwell River, famous for its educational institutions, you need to visit the Cathedral , the neo-Gothic style Town Hall, St. Anne's Church and other churches, local museums, as well as taste Chinese cuisine in Chinatown.

In Liverpool, located on the Mersey River (the birthplace of the Beatles), it is worth visiting the museum of the legendary group, Liverpool Cathedral, the Maritime Museum and other museums and galleries of this oldest English city.

In Birmingham, located in the central part of Great Britain, it is worth visiting the Cathedral of the 18th century, the Catholic Cathedral of the 19th century, the Birmingham Museum, the Botanical Garden , nature reserves, as well as shopping complexes, malls, Jewelry Quarter, and Balti cuisine restaurants.

The capital of Scotland - Edinburgh, located on the shores of the Firth of Fort North Sea, tourists can enjoy the medieval Town district, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Portobello beach area , excellent shopping establishments, modern pubs and pubs.

You can not ignore Cambridge and Oxford, known throughout the world for their educational institutions. The first has interesting museums, and in the second there are many pubs that give you the real spirit and taste of England.

Located on the Clyde River, Scottish Glasgow can win the heart of a tourist by the Cathedral of St. Mungo of the 12th century, city parks , the Botanical Garden, museums and the Gallery of Modern Art.

In the capital of Northern Ireland - Belfast, famous for the fact that the Titanic steamer was launched here at one time, you can visit local pubs, the City Hall, St. Anne's Cathedral and museums.


The streets of most major cities in the UK are full of shops, shopping centers, souvenir and antique shops where you can pick up clothes, shoes, jewelry or souvenirs to taste . London is the capital of fashion, and here you can buy clothes from famous manufacturers. The best places for shopping are traditionally Piccadilly, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and Regent Street - for a leisurely vacation with the acquisition of things here may take more than one week.

UK yacht charter

Today, such a pleasure as yacht charter in the UK is accessible to many, and we are always happy to offer the most suitable conditions for our customers. You can order a yacht at any convenient time, as well as choose the type, year of manufacture of the vessel and other important parameters.

The city of Largs on the west coast of Scotland can be called a real paradise for lovers of yachting - in the Clyde Bay you can find many picturesque yacht parking, there is the fishing port of Tarbert with theaters, cinema, restaurants and other entertainments for every taste. There is a nautical school in Port Solent in Hampshire where you can learn the basics of sailing in the sea. From here you can sail to the Channel Islands or to the ports of France - the city of Concarneau is well suited for water sports and other entertainment, and Glenan Island can be visited for a beach holiday.

We promise that yacht rental in the UK will give you the most unforgettable experience and will long remain in your memory as the best moments in life. Enjoy your stay in the waters of Misty Albion!