Competition-proven performance for racers and freeriders. For some, competition is a buoy course battle against other racers. For others, it's a contest between nerves of steel and laws of physics. For both, there’s the Polaris octane. Appreciative glances become stares of wide-eyed awe as the Polaris Marine 777 powerplant roars to life. Packing the most horsepower and highest top speed of any stock stand-up, the octane takes you up to highway speeds in under 10 seconds. Thanks to a Dual Concave Wammer-V hull and a wider foot tray, it also has the stability to keep you shiny side up. The octane performs like it’s hardwired to your riding instincts, with race-proven components like the U.M.I. Racing USA handpole steering and bars, and a Factory Pipe® exhaust system. If dominating the stock classes isn't enough, kick it up another notch with racing mods from Pure Polaris, Factory Pipe, and Seebold Racing (see your dealer for details). With an aggressive attitude and championship bloodlines, the octane is everything you need to take your riding to new heights

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