11,60 m / 38,06 ft
3,80 m / 12,47 ft
2,00 m / 6,56 ft
6,70 tonne

Maestro 38 (and its predecessor Maestro 35) is an attempt of the Finns to show what a small high-speed cruiser (performance cruiser) in their performance. It is a very light boat with a very high (almost 45%) proportion of ballast to displacement, which guarantees a yacht of excellent stability and ability long to carry full sail when the wind picks up. Boat is available in two variants of the interior "Spartan" (with hanging beds and linen salutami) and "comfortable" with full wood trim. Yacht construction, developed in 1985, is now visibly obsolete, which is noticeable at least in the contours and proportions of the vessel. Soon should appear the successor of the Maestro series 35/38, however, is that this boat is in rather good demand, including in the secondary market. What will be its replacement, it is possible to imagine, looking at the new flagship of the shipyard — Maestro 40.

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