9,51 m / 31,20 ft
3,05 m / 10,01 ft
0,92 m / 3,02 ft
2,72 tonne
Single body

In 2010, the J/95 has collected the whole bouquet of awards from the American yachting magazines in different categories. The main advantage of this boat — lifting heavy keel (this is not a keel boat, and compromise) that are installed in a regular manner. This design entails a lot of advantages: among them, the main thing is the ability to walk confidently on a yacht in shallow waters and approaching to moor at the shallow shores. This significantly extends the use of the vessel. As befits a modern courts, the J/95 is based on the most modern technologies using vacuum infusion. Power case design is very carefully crafted, which gives grounds to hope for its high durability.

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