6,86 m / 22,51 ft
2,44 m / 8,01 ft
1,16 m / 3,81 ft
812,00 tonne

The J/22 is very young. First launched in 1983 it is a well-deserved veteran. Since sail gave way to much — the rules of the handicap, design views, new construction materials. Not changed only one thing — people's love to the 22nd, the release of which is already close to the number of two thousand cases. Easy and quick (stating that it dispersed even up to 18 knots), this inexpensive trailer boat (it can be freely transported on a trailer behind almost any car), which can be together to pull off the trailer and manufactured to swim is not more than half an hour remains popular in many countries of the world.

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J-Boats J22
United Kingdom
  • 1998
  • Length 6.86 m
  • Beam 2.44 m
  • Draft 1.16 m
$ 16 739
15:16 03.09.2020
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