8,50 m / 27,89 ft
2,36 m / 7,74 ft
1,60 m / 5,25 ft
1,60 tonne

Alphena One was the first model of the shipyard, which set the style and direction of its work. Despite its relatively small size, work on it is exquisite daycruiser took more than two years — things went smoothly only after joining the company famous ocean racer, Luna of Parana.Alphena One is a light and fast boat, designed for a crew of between two to six people, but it is valid — according to firms — and a single voyage. This is not surprising, because the Luik of Paron — acknowledged master of the single races. The boat has a great power, which gives the floats on it quite a lot of sportiness. During the course under gennaker power vessel approaching the notorious value "of 50 m2/ton", which allows the yacht to go out on a full plane. Another unusual feature of the yacht is the reciprocal of the slope of the stem that elongates KVL and partly attached to the housing vanaprastha quality. The developed Configurator on the website of the shipyard allows the customer to choose a large number of colour schemes of the boat.

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