10,85 m / 35,60 ft
3,45 m / 11,32 ft
1,70 m / 5,58 ft
100 liters
Fresh water
200 liters

The C-Yacht 1050 is the smallest on the market today model sailing yacht with Northern European architecture, characterized by, primarily, the Central cockpit. This plan has two important advantages — increases the internal volume (more air in the aft cabin or cabins) and provides good protection for the cockpit in rough conditions in the open sea. All this is fully present on the C 1050 — her aft cabin is very spacious, and the cockpit is well protected from waves and spray. A particular disadvantage of this plan is to reduce the area of the cockpit, so sailing with Nordic architecture prefer to acquire "practical sailors" who appreciate the seaworthiness of their vessels and their ability to a long and safe passages at sea. These requirements fully meets the 1050. Long experience of this shipyard has developed her own special style of decoration and internal layout. Model C-Yacht 1050 is made with the same quality as that of its larger sisters, and because of their seaworthiness is not only suitable for short journeys, but for long-distance navigation.

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