11,97 m / 39,27 ft
3,64 m / 11,94 ft
1,80 m / 5,91 ft
7,80 tonne
160 liters
Fresh water
320 liters

C-Yacht 1150 became a model, in which the firm tried to mix all the advantages of the rest of the models, as large and expensive flagship 1250 and the more modest and cheaper With the 1050 because it is usually the middle model of the line boat companies bring the most profit: the small is too small margin, large have a much lower demand. The main focus of the 1150 were made on two features: spacious cockpit and good sailing performance. Unfortunately, it is difficult to combine a large cockpit and a larger cabin, so the latter is quite modest in size. But spacious rest room: with 1150 like most other models of the company, has only two cabins. The running of the yacht are quite high for a comfortable cruiser level. Quality as other models C-Yachts, is beyond praise. Powerful body, a reliable connection of the sections of the hull and deck, high-quality installation of furniture and equipment — here are the reasons second-hand C-Yachts sometimes are much more expensive than new boats competing brands.

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