13,70 m / 44,95 ft
4,10 m / 13,45 ft
1,95 m / 6,40 ft
13,50 tonne
5,10 tonne
286 liters
Fresh water
430 liters
54,00 m2
49,00 m2

Contest 45CS is a bestseller in the line of the company. For many years boats with a length of 44 and 45 ' are the most popular in its range. Here already the decision of the upper deck is subject to classic, time-tested solutions Contest: Nordic architecture with a Central deep cockpit and one wheel in the DP. As a "social venue" the cockpit is not the most convenient because it is relatively close. This is the place for sails, and not to stay in the Marina. But he is well protected from large waves in bad weather. The yacht's interior is typical of the work of the Hamburg designer Birgit Sneeze and can be described by the words of the famous advertisement: "Kvadratish, praktish, Guth".

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