18,80 m / 61,68 ft
5,45 m / 17,88 ft
2,65 m / 8,69 ft
31,00 tonne
10,00 tonne
1 600 liters
Fresh water
1 900 liters

Contest 62CS is without a doubt expensive and solid yacht. However, in her seaworthiness and handling characteristics, and ease of management delivered in the first place. Clean smooth deck (a characteristic feature of all without exception of the Contest) facilitates the crew work with the sails up top. The cockpit, as is customary on large expensive yachts, divided into two parts: "social" and "worker", within which are placed two controls and external corners, or four kotovych winch. Despite its ample dimensions, and this boat without any problems operated by one person, so conveniently placed controls.

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  • 2011
  • Length 18.80 m
  • Beam 5.45 m
  • Draft 2.65 m
$ 1 421 333
01:02 07.05.2019
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