21,80 m / 71,52 ft
5,70 m / 18,70 ft
2,80 m / 9,19 ft
44,30 tonne
10,00 tonne
1 700 liters
Fresh water
1 600 liters
133,00 m2
129,00 m2

Builder Contest is traditionally a very cautious approach to the extension of its line of yachts. According to the designer Georg Nissen, for many years designing, without exception, all boats of the shipyard "having the experience of designing a good 50-tucovica, can not be taken immediately after the 60-vucovic, so this is a different boat." So for years all the yachts in the lineup differed from each other in length by no more than 5 feet — it was a kind of "step" sizes. But times have changed. Customers, especially Russian, who became the first customers of the 72nd demanded more and larger boats. Not to be outdone in the competition, the shipyard took the risk and made the 72-foot model of its next flagship, the first building which will be launched this summer.

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