17,00 m / 55,77 ft
4,78 m / 15,68 ft
2,23 m / 7,32 ft
22,50 tonne
1 334 liters
Fresh water
1 008 liters

Discovery 55 — already an old man in the market, but still enjoys great popularity. Original in the boat a bit — as recognized by the own staff of the shipyard, "we have carefully studied the shipyard Contest yachts, and then tried to improve them." The British did not dissemble, and to do it is somehow ridiculous: the fact that the Discovery 55 and Contest 55CS (now discontinued) look like twins, be clear at a glance, even to the uninitiated. But some there are still differences — for example, the Discovery 55 has a much more deep and protected cockpit, it is possible to feel secure in the strongest storm. However, there is another side: the cockpit is obviously too small and to get the steering because of the wheel — the whole problem.

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  • 2018
  • Length 17.00 m
  • Beam 4.78 m
  • Draft 2.23 m
$ 1 818 149
02:05 11.03.2021
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