14,10 m / 46,26 ft
4,10 m / 13,45 ft
3,00 m / 9,84 ft
8,30 tonne
150 liters

Model dk46 tried to connect the unconnected: the contours of its body and profiles of the hydrodynamic surfaces are designed for racing, while the measurement it has a more than competitive score IRC, besides a spacious and comfortable interior. The result is a truly multipurpose, truly a cruising and racing yacht. The interior fully reflects the dual nature of this boat: the galley is well arranged and well-equipped, and Navigator's compartment very easy to work with. The interior is light and airy, at the same time, with all his desire for minimalism, the boat can not be called "soap box racing" is a very well thought out, very comfortable and very fast boat that has already found many admirers in Australia, and in Europe and in the United States.

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