9,95 m / 32,64 ft
3,42 m / 11,22 ft
1,65 m / 5,41 ft
4,10 tonne
70 liters
Fresh water
200 liters

Feeling 32 is the smallest in the production line of the company yacht, however, she stands out among her sisters a good use of interior space and large volumes. Illuminators large area is also one of the distinguishing features of the yacht Feeling of the new generation, which calm "aerodynamic" design was replaced by a rather aggressive appearance. Very strong party Feeling 32 is a very high quality of its workmanship and excellent in terms of ergonomics, the arrangement of deck equipment. Like all models Feeling 32 may be equipped with a heavy lifting keel or a short shallow-draught that allows you to walk on shallow waters or to stand up for drying on the beaches and shallows.

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Feeling 32
Toulon, France
  • 2007
  • Length 9.95 m
  • Beam 3.42 m
  • Draft 1.65 m
$ 313
per day
07:53 27.05.2019
Feeling 32
United Kingdom
  • 2004
  • Length 9.95 m
  • Beam 3.42 m
  • Draft 1.65 m
$ 54 867
01:47 11.03.2021
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