16,80 m / 55,12 ft
5,18 m / 16,99 ft
2,20 m / 7,22 ft
600 liters
Fresh water
1 000 liters

The current flagship model of the company Feeling 55 was another attempt to find a totally new layout and architectural solutions for their yachts. If the 44th model, the designers carefully placed a chart table in an unconventional way, 55-I model is very different from their sisters in the class, both inside and outside. Quite unusual planned cockpit — now it is a Nordic type and could be called Central. Unusual and location of the two steering stations — instead be placed at the aft of the cut of the cockpit, they are close to the wall cutting, freeing up the aft cockpit for the boat. Blocks the geek of the sheet while mounted on hard bimini that covers almost the entire area of the cockpit. The internal layout and finish of the yacht is also markedly distinguish it from most of the 55-Lutovinov, partly bringing the Feeling 55 for such an unusual boat, as the Amel 55. But the unique "chip" Feeling 55 is the presence of two auxiliary engines, which gives the power plant reliability.

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