11,40 m / 37,40 ft
3,30 m / 10,83 ft
0,86 m / 2,82 ft
Max speed
35,00 kn
750 liters
Fresh water
215 liters

Cheap outdoor motor cruiser with hardtop with Galeon 325 HTS is in the current range of models by the Polish shipyard Galeon second line from the bottom and is aimed at those who chooses the first sports yacht. The layout of the boats of this length will not differ very original, but the engineers took the trouble to think through the practical details, and in addition, has provided a solid selection of petrol and diesel engines, Volkswagen, Volvo Penta and Cummins. Not even with the most powerful engines, 265 HP, seaworthy and maneuverable ship shows impressive 36.5 per node, and if the sum of the "harness" 700 "horses", you should expect a lot more. By the way, for anchoring and economical boaters Galeon 325 HTS can be equipped with just one motor.

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