• 2013 - 2019
  • 16 Passengers
  • 3 Cabin
  • 6 Bed
21,74 m / 71,33 ft
5,22 m / 17,13 ft
1,16 m / 3,81 ft
Max speed
38,00 kn
3 500 liters
Fresh water
1 000 liters

No wonder marketers Galeon called this dynamic sport yacht "Predator", alluding to the eponymous superhero sci-Fi Thriller: more than an aggressive design and the interior space will not allow to mix the Polish innovative cruiser with campy Italian competitors. On Board the Galeon 700 Raptor and a secret weapon — that there are at least go into the bulkhead of the engine compartment the glass doors of the cockpit! Disappeared, they allow the cabin to blend with the cockpit in a single area for entertaining with appropriate planning. Extremely popular designer Tony Castro has not stinted on fiction and has created a natural speed night club on the water with a powerful stereo systems and expensive finish, which is included as standard.

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