5,95 m / 19,52 ft
2,26 m / 7,41 ft
0,36 m / 1,18 ft
102 liters

Model GTS 187 - c of the first boat water-jet motor, released by the shipyard Glastron. Engine Rotax 4-TEC is able to provide the boat with a truly reactive acceleration, with a breeze to ride water ski and to adequately disperse the wakeboarders. A choice of engines with a capacity of 150, 200 and 250 HP But the main advantage of a jet engine is that he doesn't need the screw, and this, of course, increases the safety of water sports.Since the Rotax engine is compact and takes up little space on a small boat managed to arrange what is called a three-level seat couch for sun bathing, then the bathing platform and then another platform extended, which is also the launching pad for the lovers of wakeboarding and water skiing.Patented SSV hull, Glastron GTS 187 is aligned quickly with minimal lifting the nose stable at high speed and good cornering. The outer shell of the boat is covered with gelcoat premium, and the floor of the cockpit is made of fiberglass. As the other boats GT series, GTS 187 flaunts a fashionable appearance with the case painted in two colors and embellished with graphics. The interior space is decorated with sports seats-koushi upholstered with vinyl and chrome dashboard gauges. Full of happiness the boat is equipped with Sony audio system.

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